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Felicity Lee - Patricia Goodwin - president Ivory Garden

About Felicity Lee/Pat Goodwin

Felicity Lee / Pat Goodwin
Felicity Lee / Pat Goodwin
I am the president of Ivory Garden and the ‘owner’ (in title only) of Ivory Garden DID Support Group –formed in 2007.

I am a private person and prefer to keep my personal life private, but have now found it necessary to publish more information about myself.

During my lifetime, I have taken in more than 20 foster children (who all treated me well), raised them, and am still in touch with them.

I am 62 years old and have worked in many different fields including: accounting (county treasurer office), financing, Real Estate, and as a certified special education teacher. (I will attach a short resume). In all lines of work, I have been fingerprinted and was trusted with large amounts of money. My fingerprints are currently on record.

I have two grown sons, ages 42 yo and 37 yo. Both are employed, educated, and doing well. The oldest is married, and the youngest is single. I have a close relationship with both my sons and love them unconditionally. I am so very proud of them both.

I was married for 25 years and divorced about 10 years ago. Following my divorce, I moved to a small trailer on land, which I own. I live on a fixed income, but get by. My pride is such that I have never asked anyone if I could borrow money. My credit rating is excellent. My ethics and credibility are well-known within my personal life as exemplary.

I have struggled with symptoms stemming from extreme child abuse for many years and been working with therapists for about 12 years.

I have always enjoyed working with people. When the symptoms of DID and Epilepsy became such that I could no longer work – about 10 years ago, I became despondent. I could not imagine sitting around doing nothing. I decided to begin an online support group for folks who struggled with similar feelings/situations as mine. I founded Ivory Garden DID Support Group. It began with only a few members, but the group has grown over time. We have wonderful staff. We encourage members to discuss with validation and respect for other. We discourage gossip; we do not allow bashing or defamation. has grown to include about 2,000 members – about 400-500 participating actively. I have never met such a wonderful and compassionate group of folks. We have a large staff – all volunteering their time. We do not charge anything, but do ask for voluntary donations.

Last October members of decided that they wanted to put on a conference – different than any other conference, where survivors, mental health professionals, and supporters could all attend the workshops and plenaries. I took it upon myself to ask speakers who I thought would be best suited to present to this audience. I went to work putting together this conference with very little help and/or experience. I have made lanyards, dolls, bracelets, and trinkets, put together 2 websites, and promoted the conference as best I could without outside help. It has been fun, and meeting new people has been exciting. I have never asked for any money for my time – only a bit of money for beads to make the lanyards for attendees and speakers.

Everyone at Ivory Garden is excited about the conference and the speakers they will hear. It is so very amazing that we will be able to make this conference work for everyone.
I will say that it all becomes stressful for me at times, and I sometimes lose faith that it will ever happen. I know folks are counting on me, and at times, I question my abilities. I guess this is common. There will always be ups and downs and times where I will become overwhelmed, afraid, or sad in all avenues of my life. That is why I make sure that I have good mental and medical health care.

All in all, who am I?

I am a compassionate, hard working person who cares for all, especially victims of and/or survivors of child abuse/trauma. Possibly, this makes me vulnerable to people who can victimize me. Possibly, this makes me a ‘target’. But, this target will continue moving forward despite who is throwing what darts my way.
Thank you for reading.




Short Resume
Pacific Lutheran University
MA – Education 1999-2001
• Studied Education, Special Education, Literature, Psychology, Abuse, English, Middle School curriculum, and completed student teacher requirements.
• Dissertation – “Achieving excellence in today’s classrooms” OCLC Number: 62735622, published 2001
Pacific Lutheran University
Bachelor of Arts 1994-98
• Graduated – Cum laude
• Major – Psychology
• Minor – English with writing emphasis
• Minor – sociology
Ivory Garden
President 2011-present
• oversee operation of non-profit org
• update and service design and operation of all Ivory Garden message boards and websites
• interact with and supervise staff of all Ivory Garden boards
• supervise daily operations of Ivory Garden boards and sites
Ivory Garden – DID Support Group
Owner – in title only
• update design of Ivory Garden board and website
• interact with and oversee staff
• provide educational material and resources for members and staff
• Interact with members daily and enforce guidelines of the Ivory Garden message board
• promote Ivory Garden DID support group
• Perform all other duties as ‘Owner’ (in title only) of Ivory Garden DID Support Group
Certified Teacher
• Taught middle school special education – middle school.
• Teaching – certified State of Washington with expertise in k-8, all grades: special education, English, Language Arts, and Psychology.
• Web-design, research, writing.
• Accounting, finance.
I am a survivor of early childhood abuse. I am diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, and Complex PTSD. Following my retirement, I built Ivory Garden DID Support Group where I spend most of my time. I also research and study in the area of trauma and dissociation. I have created many videos on the subject. I am an advocate for survivors of early childhood abuse – and, especially the diagnosis of DID. I love working with survivors. I am a believer that providing and circulating solid and reliable information helps survivors to gain better mental health care and a public understanding of the dx of DID.


My name on the boards is “Dymond.” At the moment I am at a loss for words that anyone would attempt to discredit this phenomenal resource and the people that work so hard to keep it functioning so well. There are simply no words than can adequately convey how valuable this resource is and the depth of empathy, support, and understanding those playing leadership roles offer to those who come seeking support. Around the turn of the year, when returning to a book project as a part of my healing journey my life began to unravel when those who abused me in the past began to harass me. I was at a wits end, and I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if it were not for the wisdom and guidance I have received on this board I might not be here today. This community was here for me at a time I really needed it in a way that only a survivor can provide support in way of sharing information. In my life outside of this community I work as a receptionist and am part of an international arts collective active in the arts community as a dancer, choreographer, visual artist, musician and producer. Good for the community for drawing boundaries! Best of luck with the conference. Although I will not be there in bodily form I will be there in spirit.
What you all have created here is amazing. I would love to reveal my identity but its not possible at the moment. The nearest I can get is a pic of my Dog. Felicity you do an amazing job. I hope the conference goes really well.
Felicity Lee is well-loved by the members of the Ivory Garden DID support group. She is a caring person who does extraordinary work making this forum a safe and supportive one. Her contributions of time and expertise borne of personal experience are invaluable. She is committed to helping those of us who struggle with DID and its effects on our lives. This is a self-less commitment to an under-served population who are in great need. She has never represented herself as a professional in this field. She is rather a peer. And as a peer, she brings a perspective that is validating and comforting. The work she is doing on behalf of this community is vital, and it is deeply appreciated.
My name is Shirley Davis aka Morgan on Ivory Garden. I have been a member of Ivory Garden for two years and have spoken to Felicity Lee/Pat Goodwin many times on the phone. She is in my opinion a kind, generous and honorable woman. She has worked tirelessly on the Trauma and Dissociation Conference to be held in Seattle in October even though she has been very ill with the flu. I am greatly disturbed by the reports that Felicity/Pat has endeavored to harm people using the Ivory Garden website. Anyone who is active on the site will tell you that because of her tireless efforts and sacrifices we feel safe to go to to share our feelings, emotions, fears, and past hurts. Because of Felicity and the other Administrators we are kept safe because they constantly keep an eye on the site looking out for any who would harm us. Yes, there are strict rules that keep all safe such as no threats of suicide. Even these though removed from the ‘board’ are met with compassion as the people involved are asked and implored to seek professional help. There is also no bashing of other members or of the administration allowed. A person would have to commit a serious breach of the rules to be banned by Felicity/Pat and I believe that is what has happened and that the person involved has taken it upon themselves to defame her good name and character. I trust Felicity/Pat implicitly and our other Administrators as well.
Thank you.
Shirley Davis
I am honored to know Felicity and have spoken with her on several occasions regarding the upcoming conference in October. When I found Ivory Garden DID Support Group, I was looking for a place where there was actual support, encouragement and education to aid in healing in the areas of dissociation and childhood trauma. Because of the guidelines set forth on the Boards, you don’t run across a lot of gossip or bashing of members, even if they are on other Boards. On the rare occasion it occurs, it is removed very quickly as the foremost expectations are for respect and safety. I am excited to be a part of Ivory Garden and the upcoming Ivory Garden Trauma & Dissociation Conference. It is different from other “survivor” conferences and educational conferences for therapists, in that we are not there to hear survivor childhood stories, but instead to learn from professionals, tools that will enable us to move forward in our healing journeys. Yes, there will be times we can share with one another, but the wonderful focus of the conference is the goal that survivors, our loving supporters and therapists can all work together to gain a greater understanding of what helps us find our path toward a successful healing journey in our lives. Felicity and the Ivory Garden Board have that vision and are employing it. We all understand that this approach is not a common one, yet many of us believe it is well overdue. What an awesome opportunity for therapists to see clients in an educational environment, clients to understand the various techniques therapists are learning to employ and supporters to learn from both in how they can actively support their loved ones in difficult times. All this because Felicity Lee had the life experiences to see that it can come together to benefit all who are affected and seeking to move forward…from supporter/teacher/therapist to clients wanting to live a life to the fullest, as it should have originally been. Thank you, Felicity Lee, for all you do!
I have gotten to know felicity since I joined. She has always been caring and understanding. She has worked hard to make this site a safe place for all of us. I have talked to her on the phone and can tell her devotion to this site and the conference.
Thank you for making
Lady Talos
We just love you so mush for everything you do here!
The originalkido bunch and I, Valynn could never find the perfect words to thank you for creating such a safe place to come. From time to time you hear of some who try to hurt this place. However we personally have not been affected. We think this is highly due to the wonderful team you have put together that work so hard to make this place a safe space. You and all the admins/team/staff keep things running great and we want to say thank you again for that. It has been a gift to have a place where you are understood and supported in such a kind and caring way. Our hope is this place will be around forever and continue growing to help others like ourselves. Thanks again and again and again!
You are an amazing person…you take people in need in, and you got screwed over. This one person can’t take the conference down. And by the way, if there is any contact with this individual, you can tell them that so many of us are so excited about this conference!!!!!
It infuriates me that you offer your home to someone who took advantage. But can you just remember that here, at IG, we all love you…
And you telling your story??? You were very brave. We are going to this conference. Too many people want to and it is already set up. I am so sorry you got taken advantage of, gosh that just makes me so mad!!!!
hang in there Felicity,
we care deeply
Although I cannot come to this conference and so wish I could, I believe this is another beautiful chapter of this wonderful supportive movement, and I support you 100% I wish nothing but the best for and to all going. This is a huge opportunity to bridge many gaps in the understanding, treatment, and support of DID.
I met Felicity almost six years ago when I found Ivory Garden DID Support Group online. I felt very alone in my diagnosis of DID, and was hoping to find people who I could relate to, that could also relate to me. She has always been there to answer any questions I may have about the website, and she has been a friend to me, as well. I have worked closely with her since I’ve become a moderator for the board. I know she cares very deeply about the members of the website, and I have known her to devote so much time and attention to anyone that is in need. I know I would be lost without IGDID Support Group.
I am writing this in support of Felicity and the amazing place that we call Ivory Garden.
Ivory Garden is not just an on-line support group. IG is not just a place where members share their stories or struggles or hang out in chat together–though we certainly do that and so much more. IG is like a true family yet not like the families of our childhood that many of us here were hurt by. IG is a place where members feel the safety to share with others who, though very different in backgrounds and specific histories, truly ‘get’ what it is like to walk the healing journey of one with a dissociative disorder.
IG would not exist without the vision, passion, dedication, and tirelessness of Felicity Lee. IG is the safe and nurturing place it is because Felicity and the other administrators and staff hold strictly to the values and principles of mutual respect, validation, caring, healthy boundaries, and support for one another.
I can truly say that IG has been an amazing and integral support for me and has helped me so much in my own healing journey. It has also fostered my own growth in learning how to better support and express empathy and caring towards others. I am so very, very grateful for IG and for the incredible garden Felicity has created. And I look so very forward to the amazing conference in October, and cannot wait to meet so many of my friends from IG and to continue to learn strategies for healing.
Felicity is an amazing individual and, in spite of her traumatic past, has worked so very hard to heal and not stay stuck there. She exemplifies what it means to fight for regaining one’s life out of an abusive past and to begin to live again.
I am so thankful for Felicity and her vision and support she has shown to me during the time I have been here, and I am deeply honored to be able to be a part of Ivory Garden, both as a member and staff person. Thank you so much Felicity!
menagerie, Ivory Garden member since November 2013
Felicity has been placed on this earth to help others with DID. I can’t believe the courage, and vision it took to put together the IG gardens website and upcoming conference. I actually oversee large events at work and understand how stressful this call all be.
My therapists kept wanting me to reach out to my family and get support during my healing. However, my sisters have suffered enough so I didn’t want to include them in my issues. Nor did I wish to burden my own children with my problems. So when I found IG forum it was the answer to my prayers. It has given me a place of support, understanding, education, and comfort when needed. I don’t think I would have made it through the past six months without having this placed to come to for help. It has kept me from getting depressed as much, and allowed me to continue to work, which is critical as a single mom without other support.
I have been on this board for 2 years now. I have gotten to know personal things about felicity she is an inspiration. I hope that I can achieve quarter of her accomplishment. And countless people she has help.
I have nothing but positive thoughts for this community. I m still not sure what’s going on but I low that this amazing garden has helped me so much and I m sure most all people on the forum feel this way. I m mother of 3. Not all are biologically mine but it doesn’t matter. There been nothing but openness and understanding and compassion
I m spreading peaceful thoughts over this special community.
RS Violin
I have known Felicity for more than 5 years, and I have found her resilient, persevering, kind, altruistic, and an amazing encourager. I am so thankful for her personal attention and care at times that I have suffered from DID and questioned everything about myself and my identity and my ability to have my own mind.
It saddens me to hear that anyone would speak against this wonderful woman who has gone out of her way to help me–a total stranger at the start.
I appreciate all that she has done to help those of us with DID to cope with the diagnosis and it’s effects on our lives. I thank her for her concern, her openness, and her advocacy, and this conference that she is putting together is needed to help professionals and others understand more about the reality of DID instead of relying on myths and sensationalized misinformation.
My prayers are with you, Felicity, and I will continue to support you and trust you!
I joined Ivory Garden in 2004 and have been an active member since then. Felicity has worked tirelessly and created a place that is safe, where people can be authentic and where support from other members is unprecedented. I honour, admire and respect Felicity whom I have known for 4 years. She is an intelligent, resourceful, caring person with honourable intentions within her on-line group.
I have not been subjected to any disrespectful people on Ivory Gardens. Felicity has kept this sacred place safe to ensure privacy and confidentiality of its members. I have heard about former members who have bashed the staff and were unable to follow the guidelines and rules that make Ivory Gardens unique. I have always been astounded because I cannot imagine anyone having any reason to be unkind towards Felicity and this magnificent on-line support group.
I feel privileged to be a part of this group that continues to expand and grow and provide more and more resources to its members. I have never doubted that the intentions of any activities taking place within this group / company have been for the greater good of its members.
In addition to my therapy, I seek the kind and gentle support provided here on Ivory Gardens. I have made many trusting on-line relationships because Felicity created this place. I have had personal phone calls with Felicity who has always been open to members thoughts and ideas. She is supportive and truly cares about individual members making all feel important and welcome.
I have referred this support group to vulnerable healing people who have had nothing but wonderful experiences. I personally would like to thank Felicity for giving me a place to play, learn, vent, support and share milestones.
Thank you, Tori
i have known Felicity (Pat Goodwin) a long time, 6-7 years and seen her do amazing things with message boards. She is artistic, and very caring, and has an ability to manage people well. I am referring to managing staff and people involved in the Conference.
As president of Ivory Garden she is showing her ability to use all her talents she has developed over the years.
I am proud to be Felicity’s friend in the personal sense. Krathyn
I joined Ivory Garden about a year ago.
I had no, in real life support, other than a counselor, at that time.
I found out in late 2012 that I was dissociative from severe childhood trauma.
Not knowing much about dissociation, I went looking online.
I feel very fortunate to have found Ivory Garden.
This is a place of support and caring. I have never experienced any negativity.
Felicity Lee works tirelessly to keep this site safe for all survivors of trauma. She watches out for all members here, to keep them safe.
I know she works behind the scenes a lot, but whenever she answers a post it is with understanding and support.
I am looking forward to the conference this October and meeting all my IG friends!

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